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We are the sole agent of MiX Telematics (South Africa) in Ghana. We sell, install and service their Fleet Management devices.

We offer two kinds of these devices:

Vehicle Tracker (VT) 1310

The VT 1310 provides leading tracking and Driver behaviour technology in ensuring safety. The device uses an internal Global Positioning System (GPS) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Modem to record GPS positions together with trip information for tracking.

The device comes with a Dallas key which is used to start the tracker before the ignition of the vehicle. When the tracking device is installed, the Dallas key becomes the access to the engine of the vehicle. It also contains information such as Driver and vehicular details like driver name, car number, and road worthy expiration date e.t.c


  • Advanced firmware allows for the monitoring of external conditions and supports configurable exception-based rules.
  • Continuously monitors vehicle environment and responds instantaneously to pre-define threshold conditions related to time, date, motion and location.
  • Low internal battery, low vehicle battery, driver identification, power reconnected and power discounted events based on 2 configurable inputs.
  • Ability to remotely monitor the vehicle performance in real-time or retrospectively (by customers).

Benefits of VT 1310

  • Ability to track and trace Vehicle(s).
  • Eliminate unnecessary Costs.
  • Gain control over your Fleet.
  • Increase Profitability.

Fleet manager (FM) 3316

The FM 3316 is a comprehensive fleet management solution, which comprises of an On Board Computer (OBC) and a Web Interface (FM-web) that enables easy access to fleet management information anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device (Cell phone, Tablet, Computer).

The On-Board Computer (OBC) offers driver and vehicle management applications which use an Internal GPS receiver and GSM/GPRS modem. This allows an active tracking of the vehicle and enables real-time notifications of specified pre-defined events, as well as over the air configurations. Thus, allowing you to track fleet by means of detailed reports on vehicles and Drivers via email and/ or SMS.

Features of Fleet Manager 3316

  • Trip Data Recording
  • Driving Violations
  • Driver Identification
  • Access Control
  • User defined events
  • Servicing and Licensing
  • GPS Data Recording
  • Active and Passive Tracking
  • Manage Locations
  • Active Events

Benefits of FM 3316

  • Improved Driver and Product Safety.
    1. It ensures good are delivered to destinations without tempering with them like product siphoning.
    2. It gives audible warning/ alerts for violations.
  • Eliminate unnecessary Costs.
    1. It ensures accidents and traffic violations are reduced.
    2. It alerts the manager on vehicles roadworthy and driver license renewal dates.
  • Gain control over your Fleet
    1. It improves driver skills and vehicle efficiency.
    2. It provides 24/7 surveillance on vehicles and their movements.
  • Increase Profitability
    1. Efficient use of vehicles requires less fuel to operate.
    2. It reduces vehicle maintenance cost.
    3. It helps define transportation routes for faster delivery of products.
  • Performance evaluation.
    1. It assesses Drivers performance.
    2. Report of best and worst performing drivers is generated which serves as a basis to reward and reprimand.