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Our Services| Vehicle Inspection & Testing (OMC)
Our workshop provides the following services for Heavy Duty truck for the Oil marketing companies:
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Vehicle testing.

Our well trained Inspectors use standard industrial equipments to diagnose and ensure the fitness of vehicles. Our checklist highlights major vehicular areas for scrutiny to make sure vehicles are road worthy.

Some of the highlights:

  • Oil and fuel leakages
  • Fifth wheel checking
  • Gear box seats
  • Loose propeller shaft bolts
  • Hub seal leakages
  • Air leakage on both tractor and trailer
  • Exhaust and brake system air leakages
  • Brake components such as slack adjusters, S cam, disc, and brake pads
  • Cracks in and outside brake drum
  • Leakage on discharging pipes on bulk
  • Tyres and extension valves, rust on air cylinders, and bear wires across chassis
  • Expose junction boxes, checking of brake booster for an air leakage.
  • Carbon dioxide emission (Exhaust Analyzer)
  • Hose Testing

*vehicle inspection and testing are done for only Oil Marketing Companies (OMC).