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Our Services| Defensive Driver Training & Proficiency Testing

The Defensive Driving Centre was established in 1999 to equip drivers with defensive driving skills and techniques to enable them operate efficiently. The centre aims at tackling the human factor which is pivotal in vehicle operations with an in-depth knowledge. The centre affects behavioural attitude to driving defensively by enlightening participants on current road knowledge and requirements.

Our Two (2) and Three (3) days training programs focus on the following areas:
  • Road signs
  • Hazards and hazards perceptions,
  • Accidents and its prevention,
  • Following and separation distance,
  • Search, Identify, Predict and Decide method etc.
  • Practical defensive driving sessions

Types of Training:

  • Light Duty Vehicle (LDV)
  • Heavy Duty Goods (HGV)
  • Forklift operation
  • 4x4 driving
  • Driver coaching
  • Driver Proficiency testing

*All Trainings are preceded with an eye screening session.
*LDV training is for two days.
*HGV training is for three days.