Drive Well Stay Alive
About Us| Background

Road Safety Ltd (RSL) is a safety oriented company offering products and services which guarantee road safety in various industries.

The Company was established to provide rare but essential road safety services to the oil and transport industries. Jointly owned by Vivo Energy (Shell Licensee) and Total Petroleum Ghana Limited, we provide Defensive Driver Training, Vehicle Inspection (OMC*) and Fleet management to ensure clients' safety and control of fleets in real time.

With 13 years of accumulated experience and technical know-how, we understand the dynamics of the market and its constant need for safety and have equipped ourselves to deliver delightful solutions that meet industry standard whiles exceeding customers' expectations.

We focus on serving the market with different safety solutions by constantly improving on service delivery and solution provision to meet both corporate and individual needs. We have therefore become partners with most companies by ensuring their safety in delivering world class products and services to clients. By this, we have partnered several entities, saved many lives and provided guaranteed safety on the Ghanaian roads.